The only thing is, there is one polling booth here and another

Obama won 65.6 percent of the expat vote, which numbered more than 20,000, to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 32.7 percent, according to the group, which represents Democrats living in more than 100 nations. Voters in 30 nations cast ballots at polling stations, while others voted by fax, mail and for the first time this year online. Online voters submitted ballots from 164 countries and territories.

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Canada Goose online Hundreds sign petition to block closure of public toilets in East StaffordshireThe move is being considered to save 60,000 of public moneyCampaigners are looking to put pressure on East Staffordshire Borough Council to reverse plans that put all the public loos in the borough at risk of closure.The Tory controlled borough council is considering the move to save 60,000 from April onwards.They include Uttoxeter Bradley Street facilities, next to the bus station which were crowned the best in England in 2014 and the conveniences in Bramshall Road Park.Bramshall Road Park toilets could be lost part of the reviewAlso under threat are the toilets in Stapenhill Gardens and Newton Road, ; Branston Water Park; Duke Street, Tutbury; and Crowberry Lane, Barton under Needwood.Zdzislaw Krupski, chairman of the Uttoxeter Labour Party, said: “The proposed cuts will mean the closure of public toilets in Uttoxeter and.”Labour Party members spoke to more than 100 people in Uttoxeter on August 27 and everyone interviewed was opposed to East Staffordshire Borough Council’s proposals.”Members of the public are very concerned about the impact public toilet closures would have on visitors to the town centre and on children and adults using Bramshall Road Park.”And they were also concerned about the potential impact on bus drivers and their passengers arriving at Uttoxeter Bus Station, who regularly use these toilets. Mencap closure concerns over art gallery plan to take over Crossley House”They were also compassionate enough to be concerned about the potential impact on homeless people.”Public toilets are a mark of a civilised society. Without them there is a risk of a deterioration to the cleanliness of our town Canada Goose online.

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